[TRANS/RADIO] “You… Why are you like this?”

*BTS are allowed to send the messages to any of the member(s) they want to, asking “Why are you like this?” questions. ^^

J-HOPE to JUNGKOOK: Jungkook-ah!! Why are you always not listening to hyungs nowadays!! When we’re talking to you, you have to reply us!! What is this!!! Compared to you, I have lived three years more than you!! Please listen to us!! ~.~

Park Jimin to JUNGKOOK: Jungkook. Why hyung, me, my appearance ranking is always number 7?! Is hyung, me, that ugly?

Park Jimin to J-HOPE: J-hope hyung, when you’re bored you will make fun of the younger ones… Dissed me… Do you see me as an idiot??

JIN to SUGA: To SUGA… Suga-yah, you’re quite good. When it’s time to eat, you don’t play with your phone. And sometimes you will crack jokes too, you’ll also help to repair at the dorm, quite good… but please help to wash the dishes ㅠㅠ You have never seen me washing them ㅠㅠ I love you, SUGA-yah

RAP MONSTER: To the always moving about, in the practice room, at home, at the waiting room, at times when it’s useless for you to warm up your voices, the vocal line, JIN, V, JUNGKOOK and JIMIN as main people (for this question)! It’s me who said that it’s time for us to practise, so I can’t really say anything but why are you guys always singing other people’s song instead of ours? Why must it be at times when we’re changing, and times when the atmosphere is down to sing happy, cheerful, sweet love pop song? I understand the passion, but please choose the right time to sing them, it’s very sorry for my ears.

SUGA to RAP MONSTER: Rap mon. After I had my surgery, I had to take my medication so I ordered my meal but the members were on their diets. I felt bad, so I took my meal and went into the room to eat alone. In the middle (while eating), I went out and came back to find that part of the rice were gone. I can’t remember what was it that I went out, I ate and then went out, but when I came back part of the rice I was having was gone. From the start, the only person who was walking in and out the room was only Rap Mon. Tell me before you eat, still act as if you didn’t ate them.

V to JIMIN: Jimin-ah, you’re really good at dancing and very satisfied with it, however, you seemed like you’ve a lot of dissatisfaction with my movements, but can you not always stare at me while dancing? 

JEON JUNGKOOK: I got angry in the past when all of you lay down on my beds, but recently not only they did not lie on my bed but also treated me very good, I want to tell the hyungs that thank you, hahaha

Source // Please take out with full credits, translated by bangtanscouts

[TUTORIAL] How to watch videos from YouKu


This is a tutorial which I think many would not need, but if you’re interested to watch fancams that c-fans (china/chinese fans) posted on the internet, it will be either on three sites (since China blocked YouTube and the only way they can have access to YouTube is when they unblock the firewar if I am not wrong).

And the three sites will be either TuDou, YouKu or YinYueTai, depending or where they’d prefer but usually it will be either TuDou or YouKu because YinYueTai is really slow when it comes to loading…

YouKu is the exact same thing as YouTube, but it is the Chinese version of it and ONLY people who live in China can have access into YouKu, and this is the tutorial of how you can enter the site even when you’re not living in China. ^^

You will have to download or be using Google Chrome.

After you’ve installed or/and already using the browser, go to the webstore and search for “Unblock YouKu" or you can use this link.

After you’ve installed the extension, you can enter YouKu and start watching any fancams or/and videos you want from the site! ^^

If you still do not understand from this tutorial, you can always come back to our ask box and drop a message there and this applies to all fandoms, not only ARMYs! :D 

Please take out this tutorial with full credits if you’d like to. Thank you! ^^

BTS introducing themselves in mandarin

*According to how they introduce themselves at the fansign

J-Hope: My name is J-Hope, 21 years old. Thank you everybody! Haha.

Jimin: Hello, I am Jimin. I am in-charged of singing, please take good care of me.

Rap Monster: Hello, I am the leader Rap Monster. Very happy to come to Beijing, thank you every one!

Jungkook: Hello every one, I am the maknae Jungkook. I will work harder, thank you!

JIN: Ah, ah. *Testing the mic* Hello every one, I am Jin! You guys are very pretty, I love you all!

SUGA: Hi, I am SUGA, my role is RAP. Thank you!

V: Hello everyone, I am V! *the screamings are louder than his voice so I can’t hear what he said* Thank you!

Source // Please take out with full credits. Translated by bangtanscouts

*In my opinion as someone who speaks mandarin, Rap Monster is best at the pronounciation, and then JIN.*

140416 Beijing Fansign Fanaccount

Let’s talk about BTS fansign that I went, it is really more than what I’ve imagined. Lots of yellings for Rap Mon, V and J-Hope, Rap Mon is really very handsome in real life and also very warm, he interacts the most with fans. The kids are really very good looking and also refined. C-Fans also sang a long with the BGM to any Bangtan’s songs that is being played, the kids are really very happy (about it) hahaha. All of them even learnt their nicknames in mandarin, when SUGA said “Tang Tang” (which actually means Sweet in mandarin), I… melted. 。_(:з」∠)_ Source

It was filled with ARMYs everywhere. At the sides and upstairs too were ARMYs, the babies never forget to greet the fans upstairs as well, they are really very sweet. And also, please don’t save me either, I am the first one to go up for the fansign, the number I took was number 1. When J-hope oppa was signing, Jimin and I looked at each other… I will never forget that smile in my life, never. ― Source

“Fan: marry me !!! ok ?!” “Hoseok: OK!!” ― Source 

The girl beside me is a Baekhyun fan, and she came to cheer on BTS. Suddenly she said the two wine-red hair in the middle are very cute! She even asked me who they are. I told her they’re Jungkook and Jin. Haha. There’s a lot of fans who likes V, and they keep yelling for him, V is very sweet too, when he has time (off from signing), he will wave to the fans. Jimin look really silly and blank, and when he spoke in mandarin he’s very shy too. Rap Mon and J-hope will show/ make hearts to the fans when they’re free as well. And with the rest of the time, I was looking at SUGA. ― Source

They’re all very handsome T_T T_T Faces are very small, J-Hope is extremely cute, no matter which fan he was facing to, he was always smiling. Leader’s very warm, I really like Jin a lot T_T T_T Today was really fantastic♡ ― Source

When Jimin smiles, he’s really very good looking. Kim Namjoon is very handsome to a very high level. Song-oppa (Hobum) was always standing behind Jimin and looking, really very cute ― Source

Translated by bangtanscouts, please take out with full credits










BTS won the New Artist award at the 2nd VChart Award!

Jin & J-Hope both spoke in Mandarin and thanked the fans in Mandarin, Rap Monster on the other hand spoke in English to thank the fans!